Please don’t judge me for being American..

No, seriously, please don’t. My name is Katrina Wolfgang, and not all Americans are… well, whatever it is that people outside of this country think. I am human, just like you. I think, and breathe, and love, and will one day die, just like you.

My mother moved here from Ireland when she was 12 with her family. She’s the oldest of four. She didn’t want to move here, but if she hadn’t she wouldn’t have met Papa and I would never exist. I want to go back again someday, hopefully soon. I am just worried about traveling outside of the US because I’ve heard from several friends that people don’t react very well to American accents.

I don’t spend all my time in front of the TV watching that creepy three year old- maybe you’ve heard of her? Honey Boo Boo? I wanted to know what the internet was exploding about nearly a year ago and I couldn’t make it through three seconds of her talking. I hate reality shows- I love reality.

I’ve always felt out of place in this culture. I am disgusted with banks, the corporations that run everything, and the government that puts taxes wherever they want to, not where it’s actually needed like education.

Every time something newly stupid happens regarding women’s rights or “Creationism in the classroom”, my heart sinks a little lower, but America is actually a pretty diverse place. Most people seem preoccupied with their own lives, but welcome to social conditioning.

If I visit, I swear I will be polite. I won’t show up, get wasted, and start fights… If that’s what happens. I don’t know, could you tell me? Not all Americans are stereotypical. In fact, most are just trying to get by. I know, I’ve been beneath the poverty level my entire life.

My great-great grandmother came from Scotland. Her name was Isabel Smart and she was 5 years old when she was orphaned. She moved to Canada to be an indentured servant, and I think it was her third (or later) husband that ended up being my great-great grandfather. My dad’s family slowly migrated to NY.

Life is so huge, so vast.. There’s more to it than this.


~ by araelysia on July 13, 2013.

One Response to “Please don’t judge me for being American..”

  1. I have never judged you for being an American. I judge the average US-Joe for being an American. I judge the average AT-Joe for being an Austrian.
    People might go into a conversation with you (or anyone) with a certain prejudice based on dialect and looks, but once they hear what you have to say (provided they can listen and not only hear!) those will go away. So don’t be afraid, you and your son will be welcomed where ever you go.

    So it doesn’t matter whether you are a constantly drunk Irish, backstabbing Scott, or bubblegum chewing and gun wielding American… Hope you are doing well meanwhile

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