Not Stressing…

No, really I’m pretty excited. I don’t know why. My house phone’s dead, I have like 10 bags of laundry I need to do, no money, no idea when I’ll be getting money or how much (When I went to the DHS office she didn’t tell me how much I’m getting) so that’ll be interesting.. My house phone’s battery literally will not charge anymore. Some craptastic Uniden thing.. Oh well. Things will work as they are meant to.

I posted a status on Sunday night on my Tarot page talking about how I’d give a free reading to those who liked the page, and my friend Stephanie shared it in two groups. 19 likes! I learned a couple of things from that. One, set a limit next time. 2, it was on the full moon. 3… Well, it’s more of a subtle intuitive feeling that everything will work out fine. My internet and phone bill has been climbing steadily, I think it’s going to cap out at 100 a month. Fuggin seriously? For COMCAST? Mkay.. Taking it as a blessing… I find it ironic that I pay more for my internet than I do for my rent now.

On the first my rent will be 88 dollars. As it was, it took about 200 to pay the bills BEFORE… And now Jason is off the case and I’m on my own, but there’s nothing on my card and I don’t know how much I’m getting. All the more reason to start working on Corporate Wars and my tarot readings more.

I have other little stress-causers on my mind but I’m reminding myself that I’ve survived homelessness and living with multiple crazy people. I can handle this.

I’m counting my blessings.

I have wonderful friends.
I have very low rent.
I have 3 months until I have to do that JOBS program crap.
I have more than enough food in the house. 
Thanks to my new diet of primarily rice, beans, and chicken, (and veggies, obviously) I don’t have to worry about the fact that I can’t chew much. And it all tastes really, really good 🙂

I have amazing, wonderful friends, a good computer, I’m able to play Guild Wars and I’ve been listening to the Beatles a lot. It makes me cry because I really, really miss Nyssa, but… I’m happy. For the first time in years, I am really happy. Tomorrow Jason and I meet with the mediator, I don’t foresee any huge problems.

If you wanted to like my Facebook page for my tarot readings, it’s

I am up to 66 likes on there! And I have 80 followers on this blog! Awesome!!!  ❤ Thank you for following me, by the way. I don’t know how often you guys read it but I’ll be trying to post more. I’ve just had so much going on!


~ by araelysia on July 23, 2013.

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