Anxiety Laddering

I have battled depression for most of my life, and recently I have been developing a strong desire to gain more structure in my life. Reading this list really is setting some bells off in my mind:

It’s talking about “supercharging” your brain, but I am looking at it as setting aside time to exercise different parts of my brain.  I’m very glad I have Aedric to snuggle and distract me with some dopamine? Seratonin? Nyssa would know. More to research! I will acquire knowledges. Mmm, knowledges.

I started an inspiration folder on my desktop. I also just changed the background to a really pretty green and orange gecko. 

I want to start a structured life for myself little pieces at a time. I like my inspiration folder. I’m also going to start putting more art up and I’m going to go through the bags of clean laundry and sort and just… clean and get rid of stuff. Phew. 

I promise I’ll try to enjoy my summer too.



~ by araelysia on August 13, 2013.

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