I lost my wallet…

Kind of getting sick of that happening, when(okay, if…) I get it back I’m going to pick a place to always put it.

I have been out of the house a lot more, babysitting my friend’s son Kenny. Kenny is about 9 months older than Aedric, and he’s much denser. It’s interesting to see how Aedric will change soon. Kenny is aggressive sometimes, while Aedric isn’t. Aedric is more passive and friendly.

I have started writing in my journal again. I also want to start writing letters more often to support the USPS. It’s so sad that the interests of the people in charge of our budget put the war machine first and things we truly need fall to the wayside.

Samantha’s apartment doesn’t have air conditioning like mine does, so it’s always nice to go home and straight into a nice little icebox. I prefer the air to be cooler rather than warmer (unless it’s winter.. Aren’t humans interesting? We always want the opposite.)

I hope you’re all doing well, and I do intend to write the new part of my Rika’s Adventure story. If anyone is interested I’ll post the link!


~ by araelysia on September 11, 2013.

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