Loss and Gain: A year in review

A year ago, this was my first day of college. At that point in time I had all my molars, my best friend was alive, if miserable, I was still married and in good terms with my ex (we’re still working on the paperwork stuff) and, well, I hadn’t been betrayed.

I’m trying to think of the positives, even though I feel scared and alone right now. I have Aedric, and he is so many blessings every day, just getting to watch him grow and develop. I didn’t have that kind of time with him a year ago. Nyssa’s been gone almost a year. I just am having a hard time living in the now because I need to start planning stuff. I’m used to having someone to fall back on now, and I need to start doing it alone, even if that takes a stack of brilliant neon post it notes to jab my eyes with every day.

I’m reading Wolves of Calla… Somehow my troubles don’t seem so bad when viewed against the backdrop of the gunslinger’s dying universe. But still, I’m definitely getting some strong, sad nostalgia going. I’m trying to think of the future and that I have so much more time to look forward to.


~ by araelysia on September 25, 2013.

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