I haven’t posted in a while, so I’m posting an update of sorts. Aedric broke his tooth 8 days ago. It was horrifying.


Okay, first of all, here is a picture of my living room.

The stove is right behind the photographer. No, that is not me. The computer in the corner is the focus of my story, however.

Okay, it was about 9:30 at night and I needed to go stir the food I was cooking. As I was stirring, I glanced over my shoulder and saw Aedric on my computer chair- he does that sometimes. I’ve been trying to teach him to just sit on it, and usually he does, but he gets excited sometimes and bounces up and down like a frog. It’s really, really cute. This time it was horrifying.

Anyway, he was sitting on the chair perfectly fine, and so I turned back because it had stuck to the bottom of the pan, and bam. I heard a weird noise and turned around, but Aedric wasn’t on the chair anymore, he was on the floor under my desk, and he hadn’t made a sound. I rushed over, and he began to yell, and I saw his tooth. There was a fracture clean through it because he had landed on the ground and basically bit the hardwood. It was hanging just slightly off… Not like it was visibly swinging by a thread, but as if it had been broken and settled crooked.

By this point I’m in the middle of a panic attack because my baby is hurt and he’s crying, he’s upset, I’m upset, we’re both terrified and so I tried to call my friend Stephanie. I must have done something, but the phone disconnected- I could still hear her but she couldn’t hear me, then it went dead. I started talking to her on Facebook because I don’t live near a hospital, we don’t have a pediatrician or a dentist for him yet, and I had to figure out what to do. The entire time, he was calm about it. I cuddled him and he wanted to nurse, but his tooth had a nerve exposed and I’m sure it was excruciating, so we didn’t. Stephanie posted in the Portland Mamas group on Facebook for me and we were advised to go to Doernbechers. There was an issue with us getting home, though- Cabs are expensive. A few people said they’d chip in for cab fare, and so I set off to meet Stephanie in downtown.  We were in the hospital at 12:30, and they pulled the shard of tooth.

It was horrible, and I wasn’t even in the room. I could just feel it. I could feel his terror, it was palpable. You can think whatever you want, but the mother-child bond is amazingly powerful. I got my first glimpse of that, and I’m humbled. I’m honestly just humbled.

The entire time, on the train, even in the hospital he was fine. We didn’t get back to Stephanie’s house until 3 am and he passed out. We went to Oregon City to get the rest of his tooth yanked, and they wanted to pull all 4 that day… I said no. Just the one that was necessary.. Can you imagine how traumatic that would be?  Having one was horrible enough. I took my glasses off and sobbed the whole time, because my best friend had to hold my child down so demonic nurses could stab him in the gums and rip his tooth out. I’v never, ever in my life heard him scream like that… I don’t think the painkiller had time to kick in, and I’m sure it was absolutely terrifying. It was a devastating sound. After they were done I picked him up and held him. 

I’m a writer, and I don’t have words right now for the feelings I was having. The depth of that love, that connection… it’s truly amazing.

After we left that room, Aedric wanted to play with the toys, but we went back to Stephanie’s house for a bit before heading home. He was totally normal, and he still acted the same around Stephanie, so that’s good.

That isn’t the only thing that’s happened, though. He also has started to say “I love you” and he’s been saying his own name for at least two weeks. He says “Hi” a lot, like it’s a game. It’s adorable, except when he’s trying to get out of something by saying Hi… 

I started scrubbing my floor the other day while listening to “Aloha ke Akua”… Look it up on youtube. I got a lot done, I’m going to work on more cleaning later today.


~ by araelysia on December 11, 2013.

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