All along I have wished for you
To come back to Earth, it’s true
But I need to realize
There’s more to what dwells inside
Than this place or that
This feeling exists deep within each of us.
A yearning for more.
A yearning for things we’ll never know, never learn, never see.
That deep, unending curiosity.
That’s what I think when I think of you.
I think of wandering the globe,
Staking it out with my eyes for you.
You opened up a new awareness within me somehow
Ignited a passion for being that hid beneath angst and pain…
And I wish, I wish you could be here now.
I wish I could bask in your presence for half an hour or more.
Make some fantastic soul-food
And nourish ourselves.
Things ended here for you so abruptly, it’s like a jagged edge on my soul.
Instead of a goodbye, I woke up to find you gone.
I still feel you, but I’m afraid to hear you.
I’m trying to tune in my frequency.
I love you, hear me?


~ by araelysia on January 10, 2014.

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