Living with Mourning and Laziness…

I’ve had this sitting up since last night because I meant to start it then but I fell asleep while nursing Aedric and putting him to bed. Oops.

Then I got distracted by a bunch of stuff, and now I’m sitting here kind of agitated, kind of bored, and wanting to put stuff off. I have a lot of half completed projects, but my apartment is looking amazing in comparison to how it did a few months ago, or a year ago.. I’m amazed by the changes that have come about. It’s hard to think back on the “Storm”, but I’m trying to get through it so that I can recognize the good that was given to me from that pain.

She died in Phoenix, Arizona. I never got to say goodbye. I hadn’t spoken to her that day, but I didn’t think much of it, and the next morning I woke up to find her gone. Just like that. Poof. It was at the end of my first week of college. The next month I started having excruciating tooth pain that lead to me getting all my molars and most of my premolars pulled (as well as the wisdom teeth) because they were growing in sideways and crushing my teeth.

So between October and April I went in at least 4 times, probably more, to get my teeth pulled and I got between two and four done each time. During that time my marriage was slowly falling apart, and my ex and his new girlfriend got together (which had a lot of drama and lying involved, and gave me a bunch of stress.)

Due to all of that, my grades started to tank, and I finally dropped out after Spring term of last year. I meant to go back, but Jason moved out in the summer and I’ve been getting my bearings since.

Now I have medical issues to deal with, for myself as well as the munchkin. I need to get my vision checked, and this year I will hopefully end up getting dentures. That’s going to be interesting.

Ugh. Words can’t express how I feel. Lots of stress. So I’m sorry I haven’t been posting often, I am just trying to motivate myself to do housework and stuff.


~ by araelysia on February 18, 2014.

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