Another day…

Right now I feel a little lost.. at least as I first start typing this. It feels like I’m always trying to play catch-up to the days prior, or weeks, or months… Or trying to even figure out how something years ago happened. I’ll be honest with myself… I waste a lot of my time. I get depressed, so I watch something to cheer me up, or I read something. I think I need to take more time away from the computer… but not now. Not when I’m finally writing.

I started this blog to push myself to write, and I’ve done pretty well… when I remember and/or don’t avoid it. I found out earlier today that I am up to 98 followers! Wow! I think part of the reason I haven’t been posting is that I don’t want to disappoint.

On that note, I thought I’d share a bit about myself, and this blog, and what it means to me. “Authenticity Alert!” This is my space to be very honest with myself and others. I like it. I like feeling like people can confide in me. I like listening, and I like being heard. I’ve met some amazing, life-changing people online, so I know this is a fantastic method for communication… some of the time.

Araelysia is a word that came to me in a meditation years ago to describe myself spiritually. The core word is A’Raelys, which means the essence of all that is. Araelysia is a fragment of A’Raelys, kind of meaning like “Rainbow One”… I have a hard time explaining it because it’s concepts, not words. 

I chose the name because we are all connected.. Every person, every cell, every quark and every star, we all come from the same… stardust, void, light… Even before we existed, we’ve existed since the dawn of time. We’re born into these quaint, fleshy meatsuits without much protection or so much as a user manual for the galaxies of unknown information about ourselves. We’re born to wander, to learn, and to grow… And I don’t want to grow alone. So I write, and I share, and I live, and I live.

I may have had a blah day, but… I don’t think it needs to end that way. ❤

I do have a Facebook if anyone wants to add me.


~ by araelysia on March 25, 2014.

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