April, FOOLS!

It’s good to be able to giggle at yourself and your patterns…

Coming home from the ordeal yesterday, I dropped my crap where I was and sat in my chair. That’s kind of a pattern whenever I leave my house and come back, as if I’m so suddenly weary that I simply must return to my safe place. Haha.

Today I did the same thing after coming back from the food bank. At least being aware of my patterns and the extra stresses it puts on my life (anxiety from miscellaneous stuff I decided not to deal with yesterday because I was stressed I will funnel the energy into cleaning today….)

Eventually I’ll figure this crap out. Eventually this static monster will be gone from my hair and I’ll be able to breathe and think again, but until then I’ll keep seeking the other side of the mountain and tugging on the furry bastard.

That’s a status I posted on my facebook just now. It suits how I feel about the last two days… I will eventually put up the story of yesterday, but I need to focus that energy right now before it goes into manic supernova. The year of the Horse has got my ass jostling around in the saddle like a greenhorn. You’d almost think this wasn’t my first rodeo.

Okay, okay. I’ll stop.


~ by araelysia on April 2, 2014.

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