Preparation for the Great Day

Today is not only the day I get my food stamps, I also have my first therapy appointment in over six months, (oops.. What can I say. Things got so nuts I forgot. <3) AND Jason is taking Aedric tonight and I have all this extra energy. I want to finish some of the projects like the following:

-Clean off and wipe down ALL the counter space and the sink.
-Clean out the bottom of the hall closet of anything NOT being donated. Since the Donation Pile is now so large that it’s almost falling onto the other half of the closet, it seems like a good time to start kicking into high gear in releasing the unnecessary. I donate stuff to the Free Store here in PDX (Portland, OR… if there isn’t one near you, you should make one!) and it feels AMAZING.
-CLEAN THE FLOORS. omfg. Can’t wait!!

I’m determined to make those three things happen tonight and tomorrow.

~ by araelysia on April 8, 2014.

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