The Horse Year

Man, what a ride. I think the horses have taken control and had some fun for a while, but man, that was a blast. In the past week I’ve found myself a new favorite store (Organic groceries for decent prices! Although Udi’s is still crazy expensive… I don’t mind riding the MAX for an hour and a half for organic produce. 

I’ve started watching Elementary again. I’m blown away by the story and acting. I love the contrast between Sherlock and Joan Watson. Perhaps I should read some Sherlock books now…

Not only that, I’ve been staying at my friend’s house for most of the week, away from the internet, and Facebook, and how I normally interact with people. Then yesterday I was granted the opportunity to take some free stuff home, pre house sale. I’m sorting through it right now, and I need to bring my therapist’s note to the DHS office.. but I hate going all the way down there to have her not even be there. Why not just email it to the omsbudsman? Especially with how I’ve been treated.

But yeah. I’m feeling very blessed and grateful. 

Um. A knife just jumped off the counter, flipped, and hit the floor… And there was NOTHING near it. I think I need to smudge… 


~ by araelysia on April 15, 2014.

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