Free Reading Fridays!

I think I’ve shared this before, but on my Facebook Page (Kat’s Dragonfly Tarot) I do a free reading every Friday. I call it…. Free Reading Friday. Haha. This is the link to my Page. I have 162 Likes so far! So exciting. I post the reading every Friday. When I get up to 200 Likes I’m going to do a separate Giveaway.

I’ve read tarot cards for 15 years now. That’s more than half my life! Wow. The new cards I am using are called the Shadowscapes deck, and I got them as a gift for my birthday.

Eventually I’d love to be able to make enough money through this to be able to supplement my income and/or save up for my dream, which is to create a sustainable ecocommunity (Think Hobbiton).

I feel very passionately about Tarot, as it has helped me through some very rough parts of my own life, and those I love. I love learning, because every deck is different, and every reading is different.

I’m so excited that my page is growing 🙂 Now I need to start posting here more often too ❤


~ by araelysia on July 20, 2014.

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