Tsu works for YOU?

Okay, I may be a little bit addicted and excited about this new opportunity, but hey, it’s pretty cool. This new social networking site pays YOU for your content and activity! It’s invite only, so here is my link: http://www.tsu.co/araelysia

Feel free to add or follow me… or not! Entirely up to you. But I like it here. I guess I’m a #TsuNoob but I have to say I’m enjoying my experience there.

A recent study from Harvard stated that by 2017 approximately 70% of Facebook would be gone? I may be wrong about the year but I remember the 70 percent, and I’ve been noticing a lot of frustration with my friends. I heard about this site less than a week ago. Maybe you should check it out!

Edit: Here is a link about it! http://www.bizjournals.com/newyork/blog/techflash/2014/10/tired-of-helping-facebook-make-money-tsu-may-be.html

I’m up to 9 cents already, and I haven’t been adding much original content, mostly just doing what I do on Facebook and trying to get out there. After a bit you get “Discover users” on the side and you can follow some people and then it starts to grow.

If you do choose to sign up, click on the “bank” to set up the money part, if you’re interested in that. And most of all, have fun! WE get to help CREATE the atmosphere we want. I’m all for sharing and facilitating networking and growth, but I’m doing my best to keep the “spam” down. Quality is key! I’m going to start putting some of my poetry up there maybe. 🙂


~ by araelysia on October 22, 2014.

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