Oops, it’s been a while..

So long, in fact, I didn’t remember at first which site this was on.

Sorry, life with a 3 year old is pretty intense.

In other news, a dear friend of mine that I’ve known online for over a decade now moved here to Portland, Oregon in June… She’s been living in her car, in a tent, and in an RV that broke down since she got here. She could really use a lot of help. Her birthday is in the morning, I’m posting this tonight.

She has a GoFundMe that directly helps her with gas, food for the kids, hotels when able, etc. It’d be so fantastic if it could get more outreach and get enough money for an apartment or an RV. Please, please, PLEASE consider sharing for my friend. ❤ She means the world to me and I want to see good things happen for her. https://www.gofundme.com/wmzmnw

If you can’t afford to donate, I absolutely understand, but sharing with your friends who might also be compassionate enough to share on their own Facebook or whatever would be incredible. ❤ Thank you.


~ by araelysia on October 9, 2015.

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